The HD Media Radar offers precision vehicle counting capabilities in order to track your DOOH audience.


The right solution for all areas in which highly precise traffic data is required.

Our radar technology  provides excellent counting and classification precision, even under the most challenging traffic conditions.

Our solution is a fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic data gathering device. Offering no hassle field setup, non-intrusive sensing technology, and long range wireless connectivity ensures operational safety during installation and data retrieval.

Advanced radar technology combined with cutting edge software provides a reliable solution designed to meet the highest standards.

  99% Vehicle count accuracy

Aggregate Multi-lane Bidirectional Counting ability of up to 16 lanes of traffic.

Real-time data capture providing proof of play

Real time data capture 

HD Media Radar software in action !!! 


Schedule and download detailed reports providing accurate data

 User interface with detailed reporting options 

Product specifications and key features