Analytics Platform For Your Digital Out-Of-Home Network

Increase your ad revenue with real-time audience data

Traffic Data 

Get accurate traffic measurements and generate meaningful metrics. The LINKETT sensor passively collects data from smartphones to give you a complete picture. Data points include: 

»  Impressions 

»  Dwell Times 

»  Frequency 

»  Conversion Rate 

Demographic Data 

Ensure the right ad plays at the right time and place with comprehensive audience insights. Audience insights and analytics empower you to create and optimize effective advertising campaigns. Insights include: 

»  Age 

»  Gender 

»  Household Income 

»  Interests 

»  Heritage 

Behavioral Data 

Make smarter marketing decisions faster than ever with data driven behavioral analytics. Understand your customers like never before and increase your ROI, engagement and conversions by refining your customer segmentation. Track: 

» Web Activity 

»  Mobile Usage 

»  Travel Patterns 

»  Content Preferences 

Actionable Reports 

Generate and deliver actionable reports for your clients. Advertisers demand ROI reporting; give it to them with speed and simplicity. Set-up automatic reporting by sending clients daily, weekly or monthly summarized reports directly to their email. 


Connecting your brand to the right audience with bright, bold high

quality LED Displays. With fast refresh rates and real time data

you achieve more value than ever before.

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