HD Media’s founders started up the business in 2015 with the simple idea of doing something different.

Something new and exciting which at the time involved a logo drawn on a paper serviette and some basic

knowledge in LED technology. The first year of business was a slow one, having secured only a single project.

Little did we know that this single project was the gateway to the success of a business that has now

installed some of the most iconic digital billboards in South Africa. 

Our humble beginnings are not to be forgotten and the HD Media team have become family through trust,

loyalty, hard work and commitment. Today HD Media service many of the largest advertising agencies in South Africa

having installed over 4000 square meters in high definition LED displays.  


Behind every successful story, there needs to be a successful plan.

Through international partnerships and a diverse team of like-minded thinkers, our turnkey

solution is what separates us from similar businesses.  

We ensure our clients peace of mind through every step of a project from design stage to project completion.

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